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A busy day including a burglary prevention!


Thought I would share an interesting day with you! 

A couple of weeks ago I was out for my morning run and happened to choose a route past the home of one of the dogs I walk.   I noticed that the rear garden/garage gates were open and thought this odd as they have always been secure when I've visited.  I was worried that their dog would be let out into the garden and run out onto the road.  I thought I should make sure all ok and knocked on the door and rang the bell, there was no answer so I called the owner.  He asked me to make sure that all was ok with the house, and the dog, but of course not to put myself in any danger.  

I  ran back home to get their house keys and when I entered the house with a shout of "hello anyone there?"  just in case, I found a very relaxed dog and no immediate damage.   I relayed this back to the owner who said he was on his way home and would be calling the police just to make sure.  

The owner called me later that day to say that the police are pretty sure that I prevented a break in, the patio doors had been damaged where someone had tried to force them open and that because I had knocked on the door at that time, the burglars had run off, back through the open gates!  

If I did not walk their dog I would not have been worried about the gates being open and the burglary would probably have gone ahead with who knows what outcome!

The moral of this story is that although I love walking the dogs, sitting for other pets and making your home look occupied throughout the day and whilst you are on holiday, by picking up post and junk mail, I could also prevent a burglary.

On this occasion all ended well and I am so glad I was able to help :)

Please consider me in the future.


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